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Win a once in a lifetime exclusive dinner for two this Valentine's Day

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A Once in a lifetime dinner for two

Exclusive, all-inclusive dinner for two at our private pool deck on Valentine’s Day, 14 February.
Cuisine to die for.


  1. Yolande Nel

    My husband Pierre and myself met when I was 17 andin matric. We met by accident on a church get away in Amanzimtoti.He was in a different church then me but his parents was on holiday while we where on the breakaway and that hoe we met. As we where from the same town we started dating. Two kids and 22 years of marriages and together for 27 years we are still going strong. #loveconquersall

  2. Simone Abrahams

    He’d been a friend of my brother for years.He would come around to the house often. But because of the age gap at the time I had my own agenda. One night we both were invited to a mutual friends birthday party at JB’s Corner. I noticed him sitting alone and went over to chat. The next week my cousin that works with him was looking at pics on her pc and he noticed me and asked her if her and I related. My cousin calls me to ask if she can give him my email address. I said sure. Not long after that he came over to visit “my brother ” but he was in Zambia sooo… hmmmm…. the rest is history. In March it will be 10 years!!!! 🙂

  3. Gabisile Nkoana

    We met at hospital it’s was love at first side my husband was at work his a nurse I took my 2yr son he was sick he was passing by where I was sitting n he came back n greet me n told he didn’t want to take apportunity because I’m vulnerable but he asked to take me out when my son is better for a movie I agreed we exchanged numbers n he kept jid ptomise he call ne after a week n we went out it was fun he made me laugh we dated for 6yrs n now we r 6yrs married blessed with with 2kids …I love my husband the love he showed me as he found me a single parent is amazing I’m lost of words to say him hid been good to me n our 3kids looking forward to more years together with him ❤❤❤

  4. Phumzile

    We started as friends we end up be in love with each other he lessons to me I can Shere my sorrow we didn’t realise when we fall in love with each other know we are engaged to be married we have two kids

  5. Denise Schutte

    We met in October 2005 in Amanzimtoti when I came home for a 3 month holiday and to renew my passport to go back to the UK.
    In January 2006 I however applied for a permanent position and as this was what I always wanted to do, I decided to stay in SA when my application was successful.
    We both were still freshly out of long term relationships (6years)and weren’t “looking” for anything serious, but we became fast friends. My new job was however in Pretoria, so it didn’t even cross my mind that a relationship would or could work. Needless to say, long story short: We started exclusively dating in February of that year, I started working in April in Gauteng , my hubby moved to Pretoria in June 2006, we got engaged in that October and we married in June 2007- on the beach in Zanzibar. Just the two of us! Yes, we left the family behind!
    We had our wedding celebration party in a very cold, slap bang in the middle of winter Pretoria with friends and family, boasting with brilliant tans!
    Now almost 11 years and 3 beautiful girls later , we are still best friends. The hit-and-run-didn’t-expect-anything date is now our story. And I am so glad I stayed.

  6. Juanita

    We lived next to my husband aunt in Colenso and were friends with them and they always use to talk about Tot who lives in Durban, but I never knew who he was. Then his aunt renewed their wedding vows and so me and my husband for 7 years and lover for 12 years met at the police station where his aunt had the function. He still got a fine that day for showing off and making a U-turn in the main road of Ladysmith. Ever since July 2006 we were together and today we are proud parents of 2 kids and still in love and very happy.

  7. Christo Carelsen

    This is not your typical for ever after.. ha ha ha ..
    We met as -The girl next door – but at first she (my current wifey) could not stand me. For 7 months I tried getting her attention, with out any luck but like the afrikaans would say “Aanhouer wen” and I did . We had a cake baking competition but myself being a horrible cook I thought give this a try because she will be there. On the day of the competition I overheard her saying that she loves SMARTIES and later she mentioned that she forgot her “lip balm” . I immediately got on my bike and went to buy her “lip balm” and SMARTIES. Extra small, small, medium and LARGE box smarties. .. I gave her the lip balm and ALL THE SMARTIES she was so surprised with this… we immediately started dating. Seven years later we got engaged on the beach on our first Mozambique vacation. This was not so romantic dinner as planed because we had some company. The crabs kept on coming to the bamboo lanterns and poor wifey at to sit with her feet on the chair the whole evening.

    Now 15 Years later. .. We share an amazing life with so many memories and fun… and till today we share our smarties … knowing that this is how it all started. She is my best friend and supports me in every thing. I LOVE HER WITH ALL MY HART

    • Petrichia Carelsen

      Ahhh Thanks Lovey – Yip we stole my hart with smarties – Love you ALWAYS.!!

  8. Simangele

    I met my husband whilst I was hitch hiking to work. It was raining that day, he stopped not realising we’ve been working at the same place since 2011. Well he asked for my digits, within two months, he proposed and we got married same year. It was love at first sight. We clicked, we’ve been married for 3 years now. God does give his best to His people.

  9. Noelene Jacobs

    My darling husband (Willem) and I, met through a tragedy. It was six months after my first husband of 20 months had comitted suicide for reasons unknown. Willem’s cousin had taken me under her wing and she arranged a ‘chance meeting’ because I had told her in no uncertain terms that I would never ever fall in love again! Six months later we got married and this year we celebrate our 25th anniversary! We have never celebrated Valentine’s, and it would absolutely blow my angel’s mind if I were to surprise him with a prize like this!

  10. Hester

    We met while I we were in school. I actually dated his friend and could not stand him….he was so arrogant, but later we became friends. About a year after his friend and I broke up him and another friend was ‘bored’ (nice cover) at home and visited for coffee. He came alone the next day and I was absolutely flabbergasted when he kissed me when leaving that evening. We moved in together a year or so later and he phoned me one day and asked what I was doing the next Friday…I said visiting my Mom…he said okay then make sure yoi both are at court 12 ‘o clock because we are getting married. 24 years and two beautiful daughters later and our love is stronger than ever…even if we never had ‘the big wedding’ ! #lovemyotherhalf

  11. Melanie Kleynhans

    Well… Where to start!!! I met my soulmate in 2011 in a Nightclub (I know it sounds bad), but when I first set my eyes on him I just knew He was the one!! I approached Him first and he actually ran away- haha ofcourse I went after him and as they say from there the rest is history.. I was 21, He was 20. We fell in love from the get go, everything was so natural and comfortable. We have been together for 7 Years this coming February. 1week before Valentines!! Which is even a better reason to celebrate at your awesome lodge restaurant!! We got engaged 1st of October 2015. Got Married 15 April 2017, and now we are expecting our first child a babygirl due April 2018. I can not imagine my life without him, in my heart I truely believe God created Me from his Rib. Everyday is Valentines day when you spend it with the love of your life!!! He is my Person!!! We have been through bad times together, carried each other through hard times, and at the end everything just makes us stronger and bonds us closer. We have had even more fun and adventurous times-(we are both dare devils)! Laughs and smiles- We just get each other!!!
    Future plans are to travel the world one day, Teach our daughter what it is to Love and to feel love, and to buy/ build a house. Most couples lose the being “in-love” feeling, with Us there is something new everyday that makes me appreciate Him and just fall in love with him all over again :). ♡

  12. Simone Coetsee

    My Husband and I met 7 years ago… Through a mutal friend that I was dating. After a month of dating this guy told me he wanted to get back with his x a little bit sad my husband stepped in and saved me from being alone.. a week later we started dating but his parents and all his family members thought he will never get marries… 3 years later we started planningbour perfect day.. we got marroed within 4 months of getting engaged. . i just couldnt wait exactly a year later on our first anniversary I fell pregnant with a beautiful little girl and she is exactly a year old now… I would love for us to won this as we need one night for just me and him…

  13. Jabulile Sigauke

    One i was sleeping in my room when my brother knock on my door and said Dumisani want ti to sleep, i opened the door and he entered he slept wake up in the morning without saying anything, he came back in the night we started kiss and we dated since dat day till today we are together and happiest couple. All thanks to my brother.

  14. Sammy Riddle

    I worked next to his friend in high school and tried everything to get his attention! I stalked the hell out of them haha! Nothing worked! 5 years later we ran into each other again and the rest is history. Now we have been together for 4 years and have the cutest little man together ♡

  15. Cornette Bach

    My husband and I first saw each other when we were 16 and had the same teacher for maths. For a year we both had a secret crush on each other, without either of us knowing how the other felt! We finally officially met a year later at a Watershed concert at Blue Moon when a mutual friend introduced us and we’ve been together since! We had our wedding ceremony at Bundu Lodge in 2008, so Bundu has a special place in our story. Whenever we drive past the gates, we always show the kids that’s where Mommy and Daddy got married! 10 years, 2 kids and many ups and downs later, we can truly say we are more in love than ever, our love has grown and matured just as we have, from starry eyed teenagers in love to a couple with a rock solid love!

  16. Percy s matsane

    My fiance an I meet thru his friend. At first I was dating his friend. The friend introduced him to me as his best friend. That day my my heartwas pumping with love an joy to his friend. That when i saw that the friend he has, is the real guy that can feel my heart with love, joy an happiness. It was 2009-04-21 when i stated dating the friend who is now my fiance. It was love at first site. Thats when we fall in love. 2012-03-05 it was my birthday then he said to me we should take our relationship to the next level, that’s when I paid Dowry. We moved togerther after paying dowry. Then in 2014-03-03 still in my birthday month then we decided to tie the knot at Home Affairs. Up until today we are still in love. The love we share is growing stronger everyday in this life of LGBTI community. He is my wife an I am his husband

  17. Glory

    We met in his work place it was love at first sight it was 2006 when we met we had our up nd downs but tank God we passed that we are blessed with an handsome boy of 5 years nd expecting another one soon I really love my hubby he is so understanding

  18. Rejoice Shivite

    Oh my sad yet turned out to be a beautiful love story. So I met my husband at a filling station after I was dropped by a taxi from Joburg and that day I had asked a friend of mine to pick me up. I was coming from my bf in jozi bt he had broken my heard bt then when my friend came to pick me up he came with my husband today,oh I isn’t even c him that day was just hurting…A couple of months later we were dating and four years later we just got married on the 16th of december 2017 n well our forever looks amazing,found my soulmate n glad I got dumped😂😂😂

  19. Benita van Wyk

    My Husband, Tinus, and I met when I was in Grade 8, I had a good bond with his mom and went to visit her often and met him there, at that stage he was 26 and I was 14. For me it was love at first sight, for him it was severely illegal, so he didnt even think of me as potential dating material. We saw each other every time I visited his mom (they stayed on a farm in Schoemanschloof) and I must admit, eventually i just went to visit his mom to be able to hang around him… His dad got very ill a few years later and after he passed away they sold the farm and Tinus and I lost touch. We ran into each other in town a few times, but the crush I had faded and I moved on with my life, I got married to my first husband and moved to KZN, that didnt work out and I moved back home (Nelspruit). He in the mean time also got married and devorced. We ran into each other again about 6 years ago and there was an instant spark, I was in a relationship at the time so we had coffee a few times and left it at that. HE checked up on me every few months to find out if I was still in a relationship and the second it ended I let him know. We started dating and spending more and more time together and got married 6 months later. We are both happier than we have ever been, we have been married for 2 years and 7 months and every day is total bliss.

  20. Luzandrie

    We came from different perspectives in life but fell in love at first site.

    I am originally from a small farming town in KZN and my husband grew up in the city, both working for an amazing company. I received an invitation for an interview to move from small town syndrome to big city life… Being all farm girl and naive I tried to enter at the wrong door hitting my name so hard with a plank I would have been glad if no one remembered it, but who stood at the other side of the door? My soon to be husband… And very soon indeed.
    Needless to say I was transferred and we started dating a month later, moved in together 3mths later and 5mths later he took me for my first ever flight to my first ever trip to Cape Town…. The idea was to ask me to marry him on Table Mountain… But it was raining, so he opted for the plane and asked me over the intercom in front of a full plane as our witness. We got married a year after our initial encounter, moved to Nelspruit and are still madly in love.

  21. Noncedo

    I was about to start my life afresh got a new job, just broken up with a boyfriend that hurt me emotionally, had a new attitude and was going to live alone for the first time in my life. Away from home and away from pain. There I was and there he was at the same place I was renting my room in at hazyview. He asked me out and I said no we became friends. I moved out and ventured to a new place and he called to ask if im ok I said yes. Little did I know he was outside wanting to see me. He asked me out again and I told him that I needed to be alone. He had a back pack and in the back pack there was KFC as I laughed he asked if I was hungry I said yes. We ate together then he kept calling reminding that he loves me. Eventually I said yes. It was like a curse because during that year we both lost our jobs. Both returning home pregnant with his first child and my second. Years later we are still together trying our best to raise our kids. He taught me how to love and forgive. His also very romantic, when he worked he took me out and got me flowers also massaged me. The massages are still amazing. When we visit I can actually rest while he plays with the kids. I loved him then. I love him now.

  22. Michelle

    My bae and i met at my workplace. He came to meet my manager for he wanted to invest in our land. Immediately his car drove in, i ran away to my office…i dont know why but i did. 20 minutes later i decided to bunk work to go to the bank. I said goodbye to my manager while he was still there. Lol he got love struck….so i went to the main street and waited for a taxi oh boy taxis never came and 30 minutes later here comes this car and he stopped and asked if i was going his direction and i said yes….he gave me a lift and we spoke i was really scared to give him my number because i was in another abusive relationship, i have been trying to leave for a long time. We ended talking about it and he helped me leave, he became my hero. He fought a war my family has been trying to fight. He is my hero and he brought my happiness back. Until to date i am forever grateful for his life

  23. Zanele

    Me and My Partner met 2016 September and it was love at first sight we are more friends than lovers in a short amount of time he has grown to be a place I call home when we met I just had lost my mother he walked into my life and brought healing for all the pain I’ve experienced

  24. Val Rossouw

    My husband Bruce and I met at Coyotes Pub. After leaving my husband some girlfriends decided I couldn’t stay home all the time and took me out. I’ve never liked the pub scene and didn’t really want to go.
    Well that night there was a creep in the bar that wouldn’t leave me alone. So a verrry tall guy came to my rescue. He and Bruce happened to be living together at the time. We all became friends.
    I started to realise that Bruce was developing feelings for me. Being afraid of a relationship I tried to find him a girlfriend.
    Well needless to say that didn’t work out too well and when he went to work in Hazyview I realised I had feelings too.

    We hooked up but promised never to marry and have kids. We moved in together and had a rule of 2 of everything. The reason was when you leave you take your stuff and leave mine alone. Hahahaha
    One Sunday morning I woke crying and said I was tired of everything being yours / mine.
    A month later he proposed and we’ve been married for almost 5 years now. With 2 little girls added to our family.

  25. Louise

    I am originally from the UK and love living in SA. I met my hubby, who is South African, after he had just come back from the UK having worked there, after having followed a girl there which didn’t work out (aah for her!). We started dating and within the year I proposed to him (yes you heard me right, and yes he said ‘yes, but are you serious?” I said “I am” ), although it was a spur of the moment proposal, unbeknownst to me he already had The Ring in his safe…. he told me ‘go home to your parents house’… which I did, not knowing what the deal was…. he then arrived and proposed to me in front on my parents (weird I know, but they lovvved it….) Shortly after we said “I do” and its been 7 years and counting, with one beautiful daughter. — Strange how he left South Africa for England looking for love, only to find love in South Africa with a girl from England… Fate? you decide…. xoxo

  26. Francois Liebenberg

    I met my lovely wife Anneke when I was her lecturer at university. While we shared the odd smile and stare, we never extended our relationship beyond the platonic. Our lovestory began when we happened to be on vacation in the same location that December holiday, spending hours in conversation in late-evenings and early mornings on the beach, some more smiles and stares were shared. We eventually got engaged at Jabulani Bush camp, private and in the outdoors which we both love. It has been 5 amazing years and we have never looked back

  27. Loraine pieterse

    We met on 6 July 1994 while on school holiday in Vryburg. I was 14 and this cool guy 15. Those days, we didnt had facebook, bbm or whatsapp… we had the post office… we wrote letters. We only saw each other over school holidays.. after school, I found a job in Nelspruit and I moved here in 2001. It was hard having a long distance relationship and moving to Nelspruit was a bit scary, but very exciting. We got married on 30 April 2016 and yes we are still very much in love. He is my best friend, the love of my life and my Vettie. I would like to spoil him for Valentyns day as he does so much for me.. even when times was hard. He is not very romantic, but being together for almost 24 years, I would like to show him he is still my one and only.

  28. Jeandri

    Me and my husband net when we where 17 been together for 16 years now, stayed across from each other…was friends at first and got to know each other and fell in love he changed my life so much. My mom moved away and i couldnt go with as i had matric the next year, he and his family took me in and paid school fees est. Was awesome could never repay them. We have a lil boy of 6 and got married in 2012…best day of my life. Never had a honeymoon but doesn’t matter as I see every opportunity possible as one. I

  29. Marle van Rooyen

    My husband and I met at a friends 21st birthday party in 2012. He was the D.J and I was there with another friend. He asked the birthday girl for my number and made contact. A week after the party he brought me a bubbelgum milkshake while I was on duty working as a receptionist at Bundu Lodge. The proposal happended in Marloth park in February 2016. Our wedding was booked and planned to be at Bee- Eaters lodge but 3 months before our wedding the venue was sold and we had to look for another venue and at the end we got married on 29 April 2017 at Bundu lodge. What I call faith is that our 1st date was at Bundu and years later we got married there!

  30. Michele

    It’s true, a man in uniform is utterly irresistible! I met my husband at a game lodge. He was this tall, dark, handsome man in a khaki uniform who swept me off my feet. We took the game drive vehicle to our special spot and watched the sun set over the trickling river. We wrote our dreams in the sand of the dry riverbed. I kept pinching myself to make sure this was real. This year we will celebrate 18 short years together with our 2 blessings from above. I am still pinching myself!


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